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Proper Dental CareProper Dental Care

If you want to have good teeth, they are something you have to maintain your entire life. Even if you have gotten compliments on how great your teeth look, they are still something you have to tend to every day so a bad situation doesn’t become worse in the future. To prevent bad situations from becoming worse, you need the right items to take care of your teeth and you need the right habits which will allow you to commit so this isn’t one area where you slack off.


1: Brush Your Teeth Every Night Before You Go To Sleep


If you ask a dentist, they will suggest you brush your teeth three times a day. They will also admit that only brushing your teeth twice a day is fine. But when we are tired and ready to go to bed, we do not brush our teeth before we try to go to sleep. However, this is the most important time to brush your teeth because everything that can harm your teeth would be brushed out at this time.

2: Brush Your Teeth Correctly


Just as important as remembering to brush your teeth is brushing your teeth the right way. If you don’t brush your teeth the right way, then you may as well not even brush your teeth at all. This is not a task you have to rush through. The best way to get rid of the plaque is by brushing in small circles. If this is not done, then you could end up with gingivitis or other problems.


3: Your Tongue Needs To Be Cleaned Too


If you are not cleaning your tongue when you brush your teeth then you are only doing half the job. Plaque build-up is bad wherever it happens and it can build up on your tongue. If you don’t clean your tongue then you will have bad breath which could lead to more serious issues. Lightly brush your tongue when you take the time to brush your teeth.


4: Make Sure Your Toothpaste Contains Fluoride


When you pick up toothpaste, you should not make your selection based on flavors or the whitening power. The #1 thing you should consider when you shop for toothpaste is if it contains fluoride. While people have criticized the use of fluoride and the negative effects it has on the health of a person, it still has a positive effect on the health of your mouth. It also helps a person’s teeth from decaying.


5: Remember To Floss


Even if you remember to brush your teeth regularly, many of those same people don’t floss. Flossing is not just useful for removing anything that gets stuck in between your teeth. It will reduce inflammation in your gums, get rid of more plaque and it will wake up your gums. The general recommendation is that you floss one time every day.


6: If Flossing Is Too Hard, Find A Way To Get It Done


If someone is very young or suffers from arthritis, then flossing may be a lot more difficult than it would be for someone who is able-bodied. If you fit into the category where it’s too difficult, you still have to get it done. There are items you can purchase from the local drugstore that will help you floss.


7: Use mouthwash


Everyone has seen the commercials explaining the benefits of mouthwash but many adults don’t understand how mouthwash can help your oral health. The way mouthwash helps is, it gets rid of some acid, will clean out the areas that hard to reach by brushing and flossing and it will restore the mineral health of your teeth. This is especially useful for people who are unable to floss. As for which mouthwash would be best for you, it would be best to ask your dentist. The answer might vary depending on how young you are or the current condition of your teeth.


8: Drink Water More Often


Anytime someone wants to become healthier, they are told to drink more water and it’s a good idea if you want to improve the health of your teeth. It is recommended to drink water every time you finish eating something. If you drink water, it can get rid of some of the things that negatively affect your teeth.


9: Fruits And Vegetables Are Important


Everybody loves getting prepared meals because not much work is involved before you get to eat them. However those meals don’t love your teeth. The best foods to improve the health of your teeth would be crunchy fruits and vegetables because it gets your teeth working. Remember if you don’t use something on a normal basis, it might not work when you want it to.


10: Foods High In Sugars and Acid Are Not Good For Your Teeth


When you put sugar in your mouth, it turns into acid which harms your teeth. One effect of these acids is cavities. Acid can also wear down your teeth. While you can still have these foods when you want, it’s best to keep in mind what they do when you eat them.


11: See Your Dentist Every Six Months


What you do every day will impact your mouth either positively or negatively. But regardless of how much time you spend taking care of your teeth, you still need to see a dentist regularly. A general recommendation from most people is that you see a dentist every six months. A dentist can clean your mouth much better than you can but he knows the warning signs of trouble better than anybody.


Depending on the insurance company you have, they may pay for more than two dental appointments per year. If your insurance company allows this, why would you not take advantage of it? It is extremely beneficial if you have had a lot of oral problems throughout your life.